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Slideshow photos from last years show 'Alice in Wonderland'

Not long till show now. Hope you are all excited! Here is a little bit more information about how the day will run:

Arrive: Students in the following dances (Mission Impossible, Hairspray and Senior Ballet) arrive no later than 12pm

All other students arrive No later than 1pm at Rothbury Jubilee Hall.

First Show: 2pm (should run for approximately 1hr 20 mins)

Pick up and Drop off: As a safeguarding measure, before you arrive you will need to have filled out two collection slips for each show. (These can be picked up from Miss G any time between now and show.) You will need to hand in one slip to a helper on the door and the matching slip you will keep to collect your child with. Both collection slips must match. The collection slip will have your child’s name, and the name of the person collecting along with their signature and which show it is for. If it is a different person dropping off it still needs to have the name of the person collecting on the slip. If you do not have a matching slip when collecting your child, for safety reasons, they will not be handed over until Miss Georgia or show helpers can confirm that you are the correct person picking up. This could mean that you have to wait quite a while as we will have a lot of other children to look after and get safely to their parents.

Kinder Ballet- in the interval you may collect your child and they can sit on your knee for the rest of the show. Alternatively if you would like them to take part in the Finale you can pick them up at the end of the show.

Second Show: Starts at 7pm ( you need to arrive no later than 6pm)

In Between Shows: I would strongly advise picking up your child in between shows, especially those younger students. This allows students to get some fresh air, something to eat and a bit of down time to relax between shows. For those of you who can’t pick up students in between shows, they may stay and bring a packed tea. There will be helpers available to watch them however we will all be busy setting up for the next show so there will be no entertainment provided for them and it may get a little boring for younger students. Students who are staying between shows will not be allowed to leave the building (except senior students who have written permission)

Make sure you arrive back to the Jubilee before 6pm please. Remember, you will need new collection slips if you have left in between shows.

What to bring: Make sure you have read the costume lists and have all costume pieces that you need. If you don’t have the correct costume you may not be allowed to dance. Please bring a water bottle (students will need to keep hydrated during the day but will only be permitted to drink water once costumes are on. No juice/pop or food once we are in costume) If you are staying between shows please bring a packed tea/snacks.

Helpers: Please arrive as soon as possible after 11am if helping with the first show so Miss Georgia can let you know what you will be doing during the day and so we can set up. If you are helping with the second show please arrive by 4.30. (Or if you can possibly arrive at the end of the first show which will be approximately 3.20 that would be even better)

If you are CRB/DBS checked please can you show Miss G your certificate at some point before the show day.

Our dress rehearsal is on the 8th of July. at the Jubilee Hall Rothbury. If you can possibly stay for the rehearsal too that would be really helpful as you will have an idea on how the show will run and be more prepared for things you are helping with on the day.


As I have not asked for a costume donation, I would really appreciate if any of you could be generous enough to spare some raffle prizes. The Raffle will be drawn in the interval of the second show.


Tickets can be paid for and collected any time between now and show. If there happen to be any spare tickets on the day, they can be purchased on the door for £6.50


During the show and rehearsal Miss G will be taking some photos/videos so you can all remember a great day. If you would prefer your child not to be in any photos/videos please let Miss Georgia know in writing please prior to the rehearsal.

If you have any other questions that I haven’t covered please don’t hesitate to ask. Please remember that in order for the show to run smoothly and to ensure everyone has a fantastic experience, it is really important that attendance this term is good. We are a team so please don’t let your team mates down. All the hard work and dedication will be worth it when it comes to show day.

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