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GLD Workshops

Wow, what a brilliant day! Our Greatest Showman workshop was a success.

We started out the day decorating t-shirts, we learned a Greatest Showman dance (I was really impressed how quickly the girls and boys learned the choreography) we played games, made Krispy cakes and had a whole lot of fun. Then at the end of the workshop the students performed the dance to mums and dads. (check out or Facebook page for a video of the dance)

It is great to see all the students who dance at different branches of the school coming together for workshops, camps and shows and how they get along and work as a team so well. Our school really is one big family. I think there is so much more to be gained by being part of our dance team than purely dance technique. Although that is definitely a big part of it, I am proud to run a school where children also learn the value of friendship, team work, passion, responsibility, gain confidence and many more important things that are valuable in and out of the studio.

Workshops aren’t only for GL Dance students. We welcome everyone who wants to be part of the fun.

GL Dance has always run classes during half term holidays, however I have found that often numbers can be low resulting in classes either having to be cancelled or combined.

With that in mind, I have decided that from Winter Term 2018 we will take the half term week off. Don’t worry though, those of you who are around and bored during half terms will be able to sign up for workshops instead. The next workshop available to book onto is our spooky Halloween workshop (split into two age category’s - this workshop has limited space available and is only £12!) Check out the events calendar on the website for further details.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Miss Georgia x

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