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Choreography Competition

Our annual Choreography Competition is back again on Sunday the 28th of April 2019!!

This is such a fun day for all!

What is it all about?

Students prepare their own choreography in any style of dance and using any music of their choice and perform it to our judges and our supporters. Each student who competes receives a medal and our judges award 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize trophies. Sometimes they will also award a student with a 'GLD Star Award' this award is given for various reasons. Perhaps they have seen a huge improvement in a students technique or maybe they performed their dance despite feeling very nervous etc.

What else is there on the day?

We also hold a bake sale on the day! Profits this year will go to our summer show costume fund. Last year we chose to give profits to the charity 'Children with Cancer UK' which is a charity close to our schools heart.

What do the students gain from competition?

There is so much to be gained from competing or even supporting on the day. I am always so proud to see what a friendly, supportive and inclusive bunch of kids I have in the school and it really shines through on the day. No matter which branch of the school you come from or if you win a trophy or not, all the students applaud each other and I can see how genuinely proud or each other they all are. It really is a fantastic team building day.

Students also have to work to a deadline to complete their dance by the day. It is completely down to them to choose the music and make up their dance. This has its own challenges working solo or as a group and all students rise to the challenge.

Not to mention, it can be pretty scary performing in front of all their team mates, judges and supporters!

It is a real sense of achievement taking part and every student has fun! after all, if dance isn't fun and enjoyable, what do we do it for?

I love seeing each students personality shine through in their choreography and all the hard work and energy behind creating it. Win or lose, there is much to be gained from the day...and a delicious cake afterwards doesn't hurt either!

This year

Competition will be held in Westfield park Longhoughton (same venue as last year) on Sunday the 28th of April.

Doors will be open from 10.30am and competition will start at 11am

it is free to compete and there is a £3 entry fee to watch

Sign up sheets will be on the boards at classes.

If you are a bit of a Mary Berry and would like to bake anything for our bake sale we would be most grateful.

Cant wait to see what you all come up with!!

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